? About Us - Hamahang Bar Pars Co.
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About Us

Hamahang Bar Pars International Transport has been established on 1978. The major activity of our company in the first years after establishment had been Air Freight-Oriented which could achieve a lot of success to expand the activities in all kinds of transportation such as heavy-weighted cargoes, sea-freight, trucking, etc… as well as air-freight counting on its potential, knowledge, facilities, representatives and expert personnel in order to have an impressive and professional presence all around the globe.

Being expert in evaluating market conditions and customer demands, recruiting/training qualified personnel and creating fully integrated operations that drive revenue growth, improve profitability and outperform the competition. Dynamic presentation, negotiation and communication skills. Culturally sensitive and effective in building global partnerships.

Hope to serve you all with our best possible services which deserves our clients.

Sincerely Yours,
Hamahang Bar Pars Team